An Office that Rises and Falls with the Tides

December 2016 Feature Colin Peterson Web Exclusive

Check out this office of Bradford Marine Yacht Sales in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., which is a two-story custom houseboat built on a steel barge! Built eight years ago, this office was a replacement for an earlier one destroyed in a hurricane. Because of that, it goes up and down with the tides each day, and wobbles a bit in the wind. Check out the inside; yacht broker Tucker Fallon keeps many pieces of maritime history onboard.

The boat consists of 15 offices, two conference rooms, a reception area, and even a back porch for nice views. One of the walls in the conference rooms is covered with seashells, and the hallway floors resemble those on yachts. Tucker Fallon's office is sky-blue, and he says keeping lots of boating memorabilia around really pulls customers' interest toward his company. He has worked in yacht sales for 30 years; during that time, he has also captained vessels involved in many different purposes and was able to collect many memorabilia over time. Aside from selling boats, Fallon also goes out in the field to teach his customers how to use the boats he's sold them. When he comes to work, he can always tell if it's low or high tide by whether he has to walk up the ramp or not.

This goes to show how amazing it is that Fallon can run a business at full strength on the water. What's also amazing is how he recovered from losing his old office to a hurricane, along with the retention of his souvenir collection. Running a boat sales business on a houseboat is sure to catch attention, because it really puts customers into the "nautical" setting.

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