An "Unidentified Flying Homestead"

December 2016 Feature Colin Peterson Web Exclusive

Ever seen this type of houseboat before? This is more than a houseboat. It's a five-star reservation on the water that will let you live a genuinely easy life in the middle of the ocean. Sadly, though, you'll need to be pretty fortunate to be able to afford this luxurious contraption. It's shaped like a UFO, but it's actually a luxurious yacht designed by Italian yacht designer Pierpolo Lazzarini. All he needs is $1.1 million to make this uniquely amazing design a reality. He says it will even be able to fly. He currently expects its first delivery to be sometime in 2018.

This 3,380-square foot vessel is 65 feet in diameter and has space for up to 100 guests. Much of its interior space is underwater, and you'll see breathtaking views of the surrounding underwater through any window. It's three stories high with the top deck being a party deck. There's also a kitchen and four bedrooms.

For power, this vessel will use wind and water turbines, making it virtually able to run endlessly, theoretically. With this power, it could move up to 10 miles per hour.

More information on this unique vessel can be found here.

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