How To Pick A Name For Your Houseboat

January 2017 Feature Web Exclusive

Contrary to what some boaters might think, coming up with a name for your houseboat doesn’t have to be harder than naming your firstborn child. After all, the hospital doesn’t let you leave until you commit to something these days—your houseboat has no such stipulations. Here are some ideas that might help you brainstorm the perfect name for your home-away-from-home, no sweat.

Think Of A Significant Event. The place where you uttered your marriage vows? The birth of that harder-to-name child? The hometown you grew up in? The place where you had your first kiss? This one takes some reflection but can make for some meaningful name ideas.

A Special Tribute To Someone. If you’ve lost someone close to you, this can be a long-lasting way to keep their memory close to your heart. Every time you’re onboard, you’ll be thinking of them, after all.

Do Something Punny. Granted, it can be tough to come up with a pun name that’s actually clever—bonus points if it relates to either water or the money that went into the boat somehow. This idea is catered to the jokers out there who feel comfortable spreading chuckles around—whether by their funniness or their corniness, either way.

An Abstract Idea. Some people feel a special connection to an idea, like justice, patriotism, love, peace, family bonds, or freedom. Names crafted around these ideals can carry a classic ring to them for the more serious boat namers.

An Inside Joke. Granted, only people in on the joke will be able to get it, but the mystery might have fellow dockmates asking about it, which could make for some fun retellings. Or you could just enjoy the experience of keeping everyone wondering while you and your gang snigger over the shared memory.

What other ideas have you heard of? Jump on our Facebook page and share how you decided to name your houseboat! 

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