ParmaFender To The Rescue

February 2017 Product


ParmaFender is a new take on docking systems that’s all of the above: flexible, durable, patented, and unique. ParmaFender is made up of a chain of air-filled segments with a valve hose running through the middle for quick and easy inflation. Between each segment is a mounting surface for punching holes and mounting screws or nails for easy installation on most surfaces. You can also install ParmaFender without holes by using fastening strips instead—and these are designed with maritime use in mind, showing off a rupture strength of up to 1150N (115kg).

The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material  remains pliable and durable even at extremely low temperatures, can be installed around 90-degree corners, and won’t bleed color onto gelcoat. Delivered in coils that can be cut to the right length as needed, you can also excise any sections needing repair and easily replace them with a joint piece. Check it out in action below! 


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