Tour This Restored Patrol Boat From WWII

February 2017 News Web Exclusive


The U.S. National WWII Museum has exciting news—their historic patrol-torpedo boat PT-305 is officially restored and will be ready for touring this spring! According to The Maritime Executive, the effort took 10 years and over 100,000 hours of work on behalf of 200 volunteers.

Back in the day, this model and its fellows were necessary components in moving our military’s campaigns forward after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Today, just three other PT boats exist in the nation, with this being the only fully restored and operational model—including original-model engines and all. The Maritime Executive further shares that in preparation for its trip from the John F. Kushner Restoration Pavilion to Lake Pontchartrain, La., a crew had to take out the front of the pavilion in order to move the 78-foot craft.

The patrol-torpedo boat will undergo extensive testing to make sure everything is in tip-top shape before accepting its first guests onto the waters of Pontchartrain this April. This is an incredible way to bring WWII history alive and remind visitors of the National WWII Museum’s goal—to remind us of the cost of freedom and the inspiring history we share.  

Read The Maritime Executive’s full article here.


Length: 78 feet

Beam: 20 feet 1 inch

Draft: 5 feet 3 inches

Weight: 43-56 tons (depending on weapons)

Engines: 3 Packard V-12s

Speed: 40 knots

Crew: 2 officers, 11 men

Photos credited to The Maritime Executive

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