Are You Covered?

March 2017 Austa Cook

Your feet carry you everywhere, and when you’re onboard your houseboat chances are you’re shoeless, sockless, and only a jump away from that refreshing lake water. For this reason, the type of flooring you have on your deck can really make or break the comfort level of your houseboat. Are you strutting across a surface that’s cushioned and cool in the summer’s heat, or are you hotfooting across a hard, unyielding, and blazing deck like you’re playing a childhood game of The Floor Is Lava? Or are you in that third category where every time you look at your flooring you wince and think to yourself, “Yikes, it looks like the 70’s threw up on my back deck and that is not a year I like to remember”?

If the latter two describe your situation, hope is not lost. Marine flooring companies across the industry have been designing increasingly technologically advanced products to make sure that you’re most comfortable onboard. 

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