Four Common Fire Extinguisher Myths Exposed

March 2017 Web Exclusive

Recently BoatUS shared a video discussing five fire extinguisher myths. As we gear up for this year’s boating season, let’s take a moment to go over safety tips to make sure we have the best possible time out on the houseboat. Here are four things to make sure you know about your onboard fire extinguisher:

Myth 1: Tapping or striking the extinguisher keeps the contents fresh.

Today’s extinguishers use chemicals that don’t harden or need to be broken up, so don’t risk damaging it by hitting it. 

Myth 2: All extinguishers must be mounted with brackets.

Just make sure you keep your extinguisher readily accessible and everyone (including yourself) remembers where it is.

Myth 3: Fire extinguishers get old and go bad every year.

You should make sure your extinguisher is Coast Guard approved and shows a green gauge.

Myth 4: The law says you only need to carry one extinguisher.

You really should make sure you have enough fire extinguishers to be safe onboard—you can check out the Coast Guard’s minimum safety requirements for more details. 

Ironically enough, facing a fire while you’re out on the water is one of the worst places to be. But if you have to go head-to-head with a situation like this, you’ll be more than prepared if you’ve been taking proper care of your fire extinguisher. Let’s keep safe, everyone, and don’t forget these tips!

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