Five Easy Easter Decorations

April 2017 Web Exclusive

If you want to bring more Easter cheer onboard your houseboat but you’re well aware that the holiday is only a few days away, it sounds like you’re in need of some last-minute ideas that are as quick as they are cheap and festive. Here are some fun ways to bring some Easter color onboard!

Jelly Bean Tree

This Jelly Bean Tree is masterminded by Crafty Sisters and is simplicity itself. Either buy or gather some loose branches and stabilize them in a vase or pot. Heat up a hot glue gun and glue tones of jelly beans all over the branches. That’s a wrap! 

Easter Egg Light DIY

This is a unique way to add a special holiday feel onboard. Dig out a strand of old Christmas lights and plastic Easter eggs. Kandy Kreations recommends using a 1/8 inch glass drill bit to carefully drill into the top of each egg, although you could probably cut an “x” with a simple X-Acto knife. Pop the eggs over the lights and hang them wherever you like onboard!

Easter Candy Vase

According to Granite Transformations, you can use those leftover jelly beans to fill a charming candy vase. Using whatever glass vase you have onboard, simply layer Easter candy inside. Anything from Peeps to chocolate eggs, Easter grass, or those classic jelly beans works great. For an extra touch, poke some flowers inside once you’re done.

Springtime Door Decoration

You can add the perfect Easter touch to your door by throwing together this spring umbrella by Better Homes & Gardens. All you need to do is set a bouquet of flowers (real or silk work) in an umbrella and tie a ribbon around the bottom to hold it in place. You can add some dyed eggshells for fun. If you opt for real flowers, fill a plastic resealable bag with water and tie it at the bottom of the flower stems with a rubber band for an improvised vase.

Easter Egg Bowl

And finally, the easiest decoration of all—simply gather some extra Easter eggs and show them off in a nice bowl for a coffee table centerpiece. points out that you can even take old plastic eggs and dollop them with some quick paint and glitter for a dazzling finish.

Photos credited to Crafty Sisters, Kandy Kreations, Granite Transformations, Better Homes & Gardens, and, respectively

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