Rounding Up The Summer’s Hottest Tubes

May 2017 Feature Austa Cook

The best way to welcome summer is by getting some sun while trying out some new towables! These companies have been busy creating exciting new tubes that offer a unique and undeniably fun experience. With various riding styles and designs, these tubes promise to please everyone from the easy-going to the adrenaline junkies. It goes without saying that this summer promises to be a blast with so many fun choices for you to try out. Let’s head to the lake and hit some wakes!

Airhead Orange Slice

One of Bart’s exclusives, you’ll really cut into the water with this 60-inch diameter low-profile tube. The Orange Slice’s topside neoprene panel, four nylon-wrapped handles and neoprene knuckle guards make sure you experience top performance when you hit the wakes. This tube also has the convenient Kwik-Connect for easy hook-ups and its Boston Valve makes for fast inflating and deflating. You’ll love how easy it is to climb onto the Orange Slice from the water, as it’s tapered to only six inches high at the back. Designed for one or two riders, the durable 30-gauge virgin PVC bladder is fully encased by the double-stitched nylon cover with a reinforced internal tow harness. This exclusive sells for $119.99. 

Airhead RIPTIDE 3

The new RIPTIDE three-person towable shows off a wrap-around backrest for an awesome “couch-like” ride. This tube has a lively side-to-side motion and the ride design is easy for you as the boat driver to pull riders back and forth across the wake. It is equipped with a Kwik-Connect for easy rope attachments and disconnects, and two patented Speed Safety Valves make for speedy and convenient inflation and deflation. The RIPTIDE also features soft seat pads and foam-filled tubular webbing handles with neoprene knuckle guards for firm and comfortable hand holds. The Airhead RIPTIDE 3 retails for $299.99. 

Airhead Ultra Force

An exciting ride for one to three thrill seekers, Bart’s exclusive Airhead Ultra Force is made from durable 30-gauge vinyl that’s fully covered with a high density nylon cover. The topside stabilizer fins defy centrifugal force and you’ll be glad for the six deluxe nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards that offer a firm, comfortable grip during your ride. The heavy-duty Kwik-Connect simplifies hookups and the SuperValve makes for easy, time-saving inflation and deflation. The Airhead Ultra Force is 72 inches wide and sells for $179.99. 

Gladiator Express

This exciting three-person tube, also available in a two-person setup, is designed with a rocker base to give its riders a good “lift off.” Once you pick up speed, the Overton's Gladiator Express has very little surface area to create drag against the water so it provides a skipping stone effect when you dive into those turns. The lounge-style seating adds to the comfortable fun ride, and thanks to the lighting valve, the inflation time is greatly reduced so you can get to the water that much faster. The Gladiator Express 3-Person Towable can be purchased for $329.99. 

Lightning Tube

You and a fellow rider will bolt across the water in West Marine’s awesome low-profile deck tube. The tapered dimensions make it easier for you to climb onboard and because of the design of this thicker front and thinner back, the Lightning Tube also avoids any “submarining.” A neoprene body pad cushions the wild ride and the heavy-gauge PVC bladder with welded seams and a double-stitched full-nylon cover make sure this towable will last you a long time. The Lightning Tube comes with four handles protected with neoprene knuckle guards and a Boston Valve for speedy inflation and deflation. The Kwik-Connect tow point will ensure easy hook-ups for this electrifying ride. The Lighting Tube sells for $134.99.

Macho Combo 1-3 Person Deck Tube with Secure Cockpit Seating

Choose your own adventure with WOW’s new Macho Combo. This tube has awesome versatility and can be ridden lying down, kneeling, or sitting inside the built-in Secure Cockpit Seating. With room for up to three riders, the unique cockpit design includes a heavy-duty nylon harness and UV-treated FLEX-SIT material on top for a comfortable ride. The new HI-VIS color brand edition makes the tube and riders easily visible on the water and 12 double-webbing foam handles make changing position mid-ride easy. The speed valve for quick inflation and deflation makes for an easy time getting set up to enjoy the day. The Macho Combo 1-3 Person Deck Tube retails for $239.99. 


Exciting hydroplaning action is the norm with Sportsstuff’s HIGH ROLLER 2. With two-, three-, and four-rider models, this tube has a unique multi-sphere design that barely touches the water while in action. The air chamber on the back top edge supports your knees and feet, strategically placing them for comfortable positioning during those whips and turns. Large EVA foam body pads and plenty of foam-filled handles with EVA knuckle pads provide lots of comfortable options for gripping during the ride. The Kwik Connect makes for quick rope hookups and its patented Speed Safety Valve cuts down time spend inflating and deflating. The two-person HIGH ROLLER 2 sells for $359.99. 


Whichever you’re looking for, Sportsstuff’s POPA WHEELIE tube gives you a mild or wild ride. You can hook up the Kwik Connect to the mild tow point in the front for a traditional tube ride or the wild tow point in the bottom for an exhilarating time on the water. In the mild position, the tube stays fairly flat and effortlessly crosses the wakes. In the wild position, this tube lives true to its name as the front lifts up out of the water. Great for the little ones and adrenaline seekers alike, the POPA WHEELIE has room for one to two riders. As always, the patented Speed Safety Valve gives you convenient inflation and deflation, and the POPA WHEELIE retails for $299.99. 


This new towable is something Rave Sports is really “stoked” about! The #STOKED tube has room for two and the dual quick connect tow points along with 10 different handles set you up to experiment with various riding styles. Heavy-duty construction ensures that this tube will last for many summers of hitting the wakes, and the design is created to give you a fun and exhilarating ride. The #STOKED sells for $279.99, with rope and inflators sold separately.

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