The Cool Pet Pad

June 2017 Product

We may not be in the dog days of summer yet but the temperature is still heating up. If you love bringing your pooch on your houseboating outings, here's a cool product that will help them beat the heat and stay comfortable onboard. 

The Cool Pet Pad is a Green Pet Shop product that boasts quite a clever design. The non-toxic gel formula works immediately as soon as pressure activates it, offering cool relief without the need for water or electricity. The Cool Pet Pad folds down to a smaller size for transport, can be cleaned with mild soap and water, and lasts for up to four hours of constant cooling power before needing a short period of non-use to “recharge.”

Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? You can order from five different sizes for dogs under 20 pounds ($24.99) to dogs over 100 pounds ($84.99). I see no reason why you couldn’t try this out yourself when the dog isn’t looking.  For more information, just call 800-707-9819 or visit

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