Dock Dock Goose

August 2017

Geese and several of our other flapping friends sometimes get a little too comfortable around our docks. They make a mess, can be very aggressive, and make unpleasant noises. So how do we combat the problem?

Fear seems to be the best answer. If scarecrows work for birds in the fields, then the concept must also be effective for birds on the docks, right?  Many houseboaters will recommend making an imitation of an owl to hang out on the dock to scare away the geese. If it’s something that looks weird and has hanging rags or beads that flap in the wind, chances are, it’ll do the trick.  However, this method only works for a little while, as the geese realize that they can ignore them because they don’t pose any threat. This technique is far from being the lowest-maintenance solution.

If the fear of a fake animal doesn’t do the trick, sometimes a real animal will. If you have a dog or a cat, that might solve your problem.

If neither of those sound like acceptable options, then another solution would be deterring geese with some sort of block off of your area - either by yellow caution tape or by a row of chairs… maybe a rolled up tarp?

And lastly, your most promising option would probably be some sort of liquid goose repellent. These are generally non-toxic and safe around people and pets. When applied to the area where geese graze, it will irritate nerves and membranes in the geese that will cause them to move on to other places.

Geese can be unwelcome guests, and hopefully, with these tips, guests are all these geese will ever be.


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