Gaining Mussel? Oh, barnacles.

August 2017 Product

You are always trying to avoid those unwelcome boat guests—mussels and barnacles. But what if instead, you got them to avoid you? Barnacle Stop® from Steven Beckham of Cortez, Florida, is turning the tables on these little sea creatures. While common practice prevents barnacles from attaching to vessels by releasing a poison from the paint that actually hurts other marine life, Barnacle Stop ® is environmentally friendly. Using natural waxes and capsaicin, a natural extract from chili peppers, this product irritates those little critters and steers them away to attach to some other surface, leaving your hulls, running gear, and crab traps completely clean. It can be applied underwater or out of water, and is applied like a crayon. There – now you have an excuse to color like a kid with a crayon again.

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