Some Flops You'll Flip For

August 2017 Product

You can take the flip-flops out of the color, but you can’t take the color out of the flip-flops.

Hm, that doesn’t work, does it?

Well luckily, these flip flops do.

Wake up, put on the flip flops – they’re vibrant with color. At night, look down – they’re glowing now. Vibrantly. Put em in the water? They’re still glowing. Take a few steps – they’re so comfortable that you don’t even know if you’re walking on a couch cushion or on these cushiony super-soles. Are you a man? Woman? These flip-flops are no respecter of persons. Get them in the unisex version (or in the slim-fit, if you want). These flip-flops are just as durable as other long-life flip-flops and they are all about spiff and style (not to mention serenity).

These flops go for only $16! Is that a score or what?

Photos from Gadget Flow

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