Lower Water Levels Threaten Boaters in California

September 2017 News

In some areas in the west, the weather is still warm and the houseboat season is still in full swing. But unfortunately, Oroville Lake in California is not one of those places. Water levels are dropping so much that boats are having to be pulled out to avoid damages. This came as a shock to many who were expecting a full lake and a long summer, especially after having so much rain last year.

Houseboats in the lake are facing the possibilities of either damaging their boat by leaving it in, or making a dent in their wallets by pulling them out. It’s costing round $1,400 to take a 60 foot houseboat out and put it back in, and even more for bigger ones. And to add another kick in the pants: they still have to pay the annual $4000 mooring fee, even after they remove their boats.

Fifty houseboats will be removed in total, some of which haven’t been removed in 5+ years, and the water is expected to drop another 200 feet by November 1. The hope is that the boats will be able to return to water by April. 

Photo from Bill Husa - Enterprise-Record 

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