Fall Houseboating at Norris Lake

October 2017

Through the end of October, Norris Lake offers houseboat rentals for those leaf-peeping houseboaters who need a lake vacation to the hills of Tennessee 

And as far as fall colors go, Norris Lake is a must-see; its autumn hues attract people from all over. There are so many nooks and “fingers” of this lake to explore, and the expanse of the lake is big enough to make you feel like you’re the only one of the water, despite the many people that might be on it with you. It’s surrounded by mountains, which means it gets steep on land, but it’s beautiful in the water with the rising peaks all around you provide a canvas of extraordinary colors. Being surrounded by mountains also means that the wind isn’t going to knock you around.

Also, your view? As wide as the expanse of the valley. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

You'll even catch glimpses of some incredible wildlife, like grazing cows and horses, deer, turkey, great blue herons, and even eagles. The peak season at Norris Lake is around the last two weeks of October, when you can be assured a most beautiful autumn splendor.

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