Holiday Houseboat Gift Guide

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No matter the time of year, it’s always smart to start thinking about gifts for the holidays. If you’re looking to impress loved ones with some seriously thoughtful goods this season, look to their hobbies for inspiration. In particular, houseboat owners (or enthusiasts) are the best kinds of kin to buy for. With endless original coastal treasures just waiting to be discovered, you’ll delight in the shopping experience as much as they’ll enjoy unwrapping their special gifts.

Here are five fabulous ideas for getting in the houseboat gift-giving spirit this year.

5. Give the gift of tropical time.

If there’s anything houseboat owners know, it’s that summer goes by faster and faster with each coming season. Remind them it’s 5 o’clock somewhere by helping them keep track of what’s truly precious. A stunning indoor-outdoor wall clock is the perfect solution for tracking time when traveling on the high seas. Cast in durable bronze, each piece integrates classic shore imagery like palm trees, crabs, compasses, and other nautical themes. Best of all, they wrap and travel easily for an effortless gift-giving idea.

4. Surprise them with a pillow present.

When you’re living at port, space is always a concern. Houseboat dwellers want to feel cozy, but too many beds, blankets, sofas, and chairs can create a hot, cramped living space. Instead, comfort them with a gift that’s both beautiful and versatile. A pretty nautical throw pillow makes an ideal accent, infusing instant sophistication and soft luxury for their existing furniture. Kids and adults will love tossing one on the floor for a makeshift seat while playing games or cards during the holidays. So, not only does this gift serve an obvious purpose, but it’s one that also brings family together.

3. Shed light on their festive, floating palace.

From the chilly winter months through the super hot dog days of summer, one piece of décor is constant—and that’s lighting. If you’re looking for a timeless gift they’ll cherish for all seasons, a set of magnificent blue mosaic lanterns provides sparkling practicality for every hip houseboat. Since they require but a few tea lights or battery-operated candles, manual lighting makes an easy, functional present that’s also exceedingly safe. Not to mention, they’re perfect for hanging on the deck or inside the boat’s interior. For the holidays, picture putting a string of colorful lights inside each lantern. What a funky, festive effect!

2. Spoil them with some holiday hounds.

What on earth is a ‘holiday hound,’ you might ask? Well, anyone with a love for dogs will figure it out fast. To start, living on a houseboat means folks are always dragging in water, sand, mud, and other coastal messes. To support your loved ones in keeping a clean, carefree atmosphere, an indoor-outdoor holiday rug makes a sensational gift idea. While any nautical mat is more than welcome, imagine a fun holiday theme featuring some cute puppies showing off their wintertime flair. Whether your mom or dad owns a houseboat or simply loves their pup, this one is an obvious win.

1. Make your coastal present personalized.

From the super lux marina to the simple lakeside dock, there’s one guaranteed way to impress a friend or family member this holiday season. Anything you order custom is sure to make a splash. Picture him or her opening up their very own personalized life ring. This classic maritime staple is weather tested for utmost durability, making it ideal for hanging at port, inside the galley, or outside on their houseboat’s deck. As long as you put thought into its meaningful message, this nautical treasure will be a piece of décor they cherish forever.


About The Author

Nicole LoCicero is a decorator, homemaker and mother living in Raleigh, NC. Her love of the ocean drove her to open Interior By Design is a recurring column in Houseboat magazine.

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