Houseboat FAQ’s

January 2018 Multimedia Daniel Sessions Web Exclusive

There are so many aspects to consider before buying a houseboat, especially if you’re on the fence about it. Whether it’s how you want your boat to look, how much storage space you will need or anything else you can think to ask, first ask yourself what you really need or want in a houseboat. Hope these questions and answers help.

What features should I look for when it comes to buying a houseboat?

You want to have on board insulation. Then, you’ll also want it to have plenty of storage space for your belongings. It would also probably be a safe bet that you’ll want beds and anything else you need to survive, like running water and a kitchen.

Not everyboat will have a lot of storage for things, so try not to bring your entire house with you. Only bring what you need and make sure your houseboat is big enough for that stuff.  

If I am not sure if I want to live on a houseboat, what is the best way to get a feel for what that will be like?

You’ll probably want to rent a houseboat first before you buy one. That way you get a feel for what life would be like on the houseboat.

Don’t forget to check out our upcoming feature in our next issue about renting houseboats with BookaHousboat. They specialize in international houseboat rentals!

Will I need to have good credit to get a loan for a houseboat?

Since the houseboat is your new home, you would probably still need to get a loan. You would want to have good credit so you can get the loan you need for the houseboat.

For more information about the steps to buying a houseboat, check out our recent 2018 Buyer’s Guide article, “Financing Your Dreams.” In fact, the entire issue is packed with information and you can access the entire digital magazine free here on our website.

How can I get mail while living on a houseboat?

Some marinas have a spot where mail gets sorted for you and you can go and pick it up from there. If they don’t have a spot for your mail, you can have them drop it off at the post office for you to pick up later.

You can also have it directed to a PO box or you can use a family or friend’s address.

For more information on getting mail while living on the water, check out this article all about Living on Boats.

Why get a houseboat?

Isn’t it obvious? But if you need more encouragement here are just a few reasons:

  • It provides quality time with friends or loved ones.
  • You can unwind and remove technology from your life for a few days, but keep in mind, you can still have technology if you want.
  • You can customize it to your taste like any other home and you can make your own houseboat rules.
  • Then finally, what’s better than taking time away from the busy everyday life to just enjoy being outdoors? You might like it so much that you’ll end up living aboard full-time!

Are there any property taxes for houseboats?

Depending on where the houseboat is there might be. It really depends on the state. Some states either don’t have property tax on houseboats or very little.  Examples of such states are:

  • Nevada based houseboats do not pay property tax.
  • Hawaii
  • Alabama
  • Louisiana
  • Delaware.

For more information about low property tax or high property tax, make sure to check out The Balance for more.

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