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Published in the March 2018 Issue May 2018 Multimedia Brady L. Kay

Chances are good that if you’re reading this you’ve had a love affair with water for quite some time. For Brad Paisley, his passion started when he was just 3 years old with an “inflatable pool full of dad’s hot air” or at least those are the lyrics from his song titled, “Water.”

As the popularity of houseboating has grown, so have the advancements in a quest to improve the ease and enjoyment of our favorite pastime. Many questions have lead to great improvements over the years and one question in particular is how do we enjoy clean and safe drinking water while onboard? At some marinas I’ve seen a case of water go for nearly the same price as a case of beer and that just doesn’t seem right, but it does further prove just how important water is to us.

Recently we came across the Acuva UV-LED Water Purifiers from Acuva Technologies Inc. The UV-LED water purifier is perfect for houseboaters and is designed for years of maintenance-free use. It was first introduced in late 2016 to take the guesswork out of drinking water safety while onboard.

Acuva’s cutting-edge water purifiers keep guests and crew safe from all water borne pathogens, no matter the safety of their fresh water source or the houseboat’s tank and plumbing maintenance history.

The advantages of the UV-LED Water Purifiers include the potential to reduce plastic waste from bottled water, and it can replace bulky reverse osmosis filters and mercury-containing UV-Lamps in the market. Not only will an Acuva UV-LED Water Purifier pay for itself through savings on bottled water and replacement UV lamps or RO filters, it gives peace of mind and frees up valuable storage space on your houseboat.

Satisfied Customer

We followed up with J.J. Jones after he recently installed a UV-LED Water Purifiers unit on his boat and the first thing he mentioned was how well built and tough it is as well as easy to install. 

“The plumbing connections were nice and the mounting and installation instructions were great, easy-to-use and very informative,” said Jones. “So overall I was very pleased with the unit immediately after I finished the install.”

Although initially impressed, he didn’t truly appreciate the advantages until he took his boat out for their vacation late last summer.

“We travel with our Golden Retriever Lilly and she typically needs over a gallon of drinking water per day, so we used to transport 25 to 30 gallons of bottled drinking water just for the dog,” explained Jones. “Our tanks are clean and we have a 3M whole boat filter, but we still drank bottled water and just used the tank water for showers. Now with the Acuva water purifier we have no need to purchase and transport all that bottled water since we are comfortable that the water from the taps has been filtered and purified and poses no health risk whatsoever.”


UV lamps have been used on boats for years but have many drawbacks. To remain effective, they require constant maintenance and annual replacements, they are prone to breaking and shorting out and they require continuous electricity. UV-LEDs have an advantage over each of a UV lamp’s drawbacks. It requires no maintenance and has proven to be extremely durable. Plus, Acuva’s patented UV-LED water purifiers are small, have instant on/off flow sensing, conserve their 10,000 hours of life over 10 plus years, and only use electricity while purifying flowing water. An added feature of the Acuva systems is the real-time feedback at its dedicated “Smart Faucet” that shows users with a blue indicator light that their water is sterilized.

Clean, safe drinking water onboard—what more could you ask for? Now to tackle the next big question for houseboaters: how do I keep my dog from jumping off the back?

For more information, check out www.acuvatech.com

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