Eco-Friendly Houseboat

July 2018 News Web Exclusive

The owner of the design company of the “sea taxi” project, Mert Unuu, recently designed a houseboat, which is both eco-friendly and solar powered. Unuu has worked as a designer of marine vessels in his office in Purva Group since 2007.

Unuu’s experiences as an owner of the company, demonstrates his long-time commitment to houseboats that are both eco-friendly and the perfect home for anyone desiring to live permanently on the water.  

Unuu designed the houseboat with cities in the coast in mind, creating a boat that would allow them to enjoy the waters without contributing much further to the harrowing problem of pollution.

“My source of inspiration is Istanbul of 1950s,” Unuu shared. “The main purpose of my design is to lead people to marine life.”

The vessel  possesses a catamaran hull, and holds a total of 5 bed spaces, making it a  comfortable environment for a family with 3 children. The beds can also be used as bunk beds. The houseboat is also designed to carry both drinking and consumptive water.

The houseboat is unsinkable. Its strength has been increased in case of a crash by dividing the catamaran hull into three different bulkheads in its two sides, making the houseboat safe in case of any incident.

“The most important feature of the vessel is that it produces power with solar panels which are located on roll bar,” Unuu explained. “Solar panels are situated along the hardtop roll according to the location of the sun, and can be opened or closed. The solar panels are also used with the aim to both protect the people from sun who sit in that area and to increase the production of power in case of a need.”

Drafts can be checked with ballast tanks so that stable floating can be controlled, and the top of the fore of the boat is covered completely with solar panels. Even the hardtop ceiling is fixed with solar panels.  

Unuu’s houseboat is not only able to move, but also provide for its all power needs with solar power, making it an ideal home for anyone that wishes to respect their surroundings with eco-friendly vessel.

Technical specifications

LOA : 11.90 m.

Beam : 5.50 m.

Draft : 0.8-1.2 m.

Capacity : 5 bed

Total area : 105m2 (2.3m ceiling height) Net: 73.25m2

Engine power : 2 X 70 kW convantionel propeller

Speed : 14 Knot  

Range : (10 knot hızla) Unlimited with solar system

Fresh water tank : 1800 lt.

Grey water tank : 800 lt.

Solar panel area: 34 m2

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