Save Your Lines with Shockles

December 2018 Multimedia

Anchor, dock and tow lines see some pretty rough action, especially in choppy water. And whatever deck hardware they're tied to shares in the strain—as does everyone on board. With Shockles™ from Davis Instruments, all this jarring is cushioned. The innovative devices minimize stress and chafe on lines and absorb damaging shock loads, providing a more comfortable and safer boating experience.

Patented Shockles are available in three models, each with a specific purpose in mind. All have UV-resistant 2,500 lb. test nylon webbing covering a 3,500 lb. test marine grade elastomer and internal line limiter. With this, tension increases progressively to counter loads placed on it, whether gentle or violent, as the device stretches to its maximum length.

Available in black or blue, Shockles LineSnubber™ is 28" L overall in a relaxed state and stretches to 36". Two 3-7/8" 316 stainless steel captive carabiners are sewn into the device, each has a safe working load of 1,200 lbs.

Similar to LineSnubber, AnchorSnubber™ has two 3-1/16" stainless steel Key Pin Halyard Shackles, each with a safe working load of 1,500 lbs. They'll run though most bow rollers and handle chain twist better than a carabiner.

At 18" L, DockShockle™ is ideal for inland waters and lighter boats up to 40'. It comes with a pair of carabiners and a Mini-LineGrabber for easy attachment to double braid or three-strand line up to 3/4".

Using a Shockle is easy. While extremely strong, it needs to be rigged in line with the rope or chain so it never bears the full load alone; most cordage has a higher safe working load than a Shockle. For a LineSnubber or AnchorSnubber, provide 6"–12" of slack between the attachment loops to a maximum of 12" as loads increase. For a DockShockle, the ideal working slack is 3"–6".

Davis Instruments Shockles LineSnubber and AnchorSnubber cost $59.99 each; DockShockle is $49.99.

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