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May 2019 News

No matter the size of your houseboat, there are seemingly endless yards of wires, cables, hoses and pipes that run its length. Keeping all these neat and in place under constant motion can be a challenge. Whether it's for OEM or a refit, TruDesign's award-winning Saddle Base and Clip System, available in the US exclusively through Raritan Engineering, brings order to the chaos.

The TruDesign Saddle Base and Clip System is elegantly simple. A Multi-Purpose base is glued or screwed into place. Undercut dovetail grooves provide extra bonding surface area to adhere to fiberglass, composite, wood and other materials. Wires and thin cables are easily zip-tied to it.

Larger diameters, such as battery cables, potable water pipes, sanitation hoses and mixed groupings, use a 1/2", 13/16", 1-1/8" or 1-1/2" Saddle Clip. These are simply snapped onto the Multi-Purpose base and can be zip-tied for extra security.

When it's time for maintenance or upgrades, the Saddle Clips are easily removed from the base and reused. If a different size saddle is needed, it mounts on the same Multi-Purpose base.

High strength TruDesign parts are UV-stabilized and manufactured in the company's ISO 9001 facility. The Multi-Purpose base is made from glass-reinforced composite nylon. The Saddle Clips are acetal copolymer that won't creep under load. Both are lighter than traditional steel and won't rust. Prices start at $1.50.

Contact Raritan, 530 Orange St., Millville, NJ 08332.  856-825-4900; Fax: 856-825-4409.

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