The Best Countertop Options for Your Houseboat

May 2019 Multimedia By Emmy Noel Web Exclusive

Whether you are a first time houseboat owner or seasoned houseboat dweller, there are always an abundance of design and decor ideas that can make your houseboat feel like home. Most houseboats are not motorized and can be a homeowner’s place of permanent residence, or a vacation home. Whichever it may be for you, if you’re just starting out, or planning a remodel, choosing the best countertops for your houseboat is a great place to begin. Houseboat countertops come in many styles and varieties and provide functionality and appeal. From resin to stainless steel, there’s a countertop that’s just right for your houseboat. Read on to discover the best countertop options for your houseboat.


Resin countertops are a great choice for your houseboat for a number of excellent reasons. Resin countertops are made from epoxy, acrylic resin, or polyester resin; it’s to be noted that acrylic is higher-quality than polyester. These countertops are made of synthetic materials that can be transformed to the look that you desire. Resin countertops come in almost any color you want, and they can be tinted to suit your tastes. You can also incorporate translucent effects, shimmers, and glittering throughout the resin.

Resin countertops are a beautiful choice for your houseboat kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where you need a countertop surface. Resin is a non-porous material that is more affordable than many other options. It’s a durable surface that is resistant to staining, scratching, discoloration, heat, and regular use. They are also easy to clean and hardly need any maintenance.


Soapstone is a popular choice among houseboat owners because of its modern eye-catching appeal. It is a natural metamorphic stone that has a soapy feeling on its surface because of the presence of talc. Architectural grade soapstone is used for countertops because of its hardness. Although not as hard as marble or granite, it still provides for a very durable and sturdy surface.

Soapstone countertops are easy to shape to size, cut, and install. They do not come in long slabs like other natural stones, so there will be a larger presence of grouting or seam lines. It is water-resistant and does not need to be sealed.

The beauty of soapstone is its ability to withstand wear and tear. It’s a non-porous surface so it doesn’t stain and acid won’t hurt it. Because acid doesn’t do damage, it’s also a unique stone choice because you don’t have to worry about which cleaners you can use on it. Due to its low maintenance, it’s an environmentally friendly choice.

Soapstone countertops may turn a dark hue if water or liquid is spilled, but not to worry, the moisture quickly wicks away and it’ll return to its normal color.


Wood is another go-to choose in houseboat kitchens and bathrooms. Wooden countertops are known for their alluring traditional beauty. They can match with any style whether modern or retro. There are numerous wood varieties that you can choose from including walnut, oak, maple, cherry, and some exotic varieties such as purpleheart.

Wood countertops are a top choice because they can be transformed to your liking, especially when it comes to their shape and size. There are many styles of edging technique treatments that you can adapt according to your style. Wood is also different than other countertops because it is warmer to the touch than surfaces such as natural stone.

Although wooden countertops can last a very long time, and are durable, they need proper maintenance in order to keep them looking fresh. Wood surfaces can be sealed and coated with epoxy or polyurethane coating. This gives the wood a glossy and impermeable top, that way knife cuts and extensive usage won’t damage your countertop.

Granite and Marble

Among the most elegant and eye-catching countertop materials are granite and marble. Granite and marble are pricier but their value is in their durability and their long-admired outward appeal. Granite and marble are both porous stones so they need to be properly sealed and re-sealed everyone to two years.


Concrete countertops are a unique choice that have been gaining traction as a countertop favorite. These countertops are noted for their durability, heat resistance, and their resistance to scratches and etching. Concrete countertops do need to be sealed because they are prone to staining especially in the kitchen.

Concrete countertops don’t have to look like a gray slab of rock but are surprisingly very much versatile in their appearance. You can choose the type of textural finish you want on your concrete and you can even embed different materials into the stone. Shards of glass, tile, stone, or shells can be implanted into the surface of concrete countertops. Of course with the incorporation of any upgrade or design element the cost of your countertop will increase.

Stainless Steel

Last but not least, one of the best choices for your houseboat countertop are stainless steel countertops. Stainless steel countertops are just as they sound; stainless. That’s the most obvious admiration that homeowners have towards stainless steel. It’s an extremely durable material that can stand the tests of time in any kitchen, especially where a lot of food prep occurs. There’s very little one can do to diminish its sturdiness and functionality.

Due to its non-porous surface cleanup is extremely easy and that signature sleekness and shine will last for years to come. Stainless steel countertops blend well with most appliances and most other home styles and materials. Stainless steel is a great compliment to a houseboat kitchen. It gives off a contemporary vibe to give your houseboat an updated look.

The Countertop You Choose

All of these countertop materials are great choices for any houseboat. Spend time browsing pictures, looking at samples, and making measurements to make sure you decide on the countertop that’ll fit your style and desired function. Your houseboat will look like a million bucks with any of these countertop options. Of course in the end, the best countertop option for your houseboat is the one that makes you happy and at home. 

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