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September 2019 News

When a job calls for maximum holding strength, flexibility, and a professional finish where the bonding material will be visible, there's no better solution than Fix8 FN Finishing Adhesive from FixTech. The premium quality marine and RV finishing adhesive is 100% silicone and available in transparent and aluminum with sparkle. It's ideal for finishing, sealing and bonding in primerless applications with glass metal, aluminum, Corian®, stainless steel, most plastics and fiberglass substrates.

Easy to tool with a fast working time, Fix8 FN is perfect for OEMs, and refitting and repair applications. It skins in 12 minutes and is tack-free in three hours. The silicone finishing adhesive provides excellent gap-filling properties. It offers minimal shrink and permanent elasticity, yet has tensile and shear strengths of greater than 0.8 Mpa.

With superior UV-resistance and colorfastness, it's formulated for marine exposure, retaining its weather resistance for up to 20 years. The transparent version is extremely translucent for a great see-through fine finish, while the aluminum color is clean, bright and sparkly for a beautiful appearance. It can be applied between 39.2° and 104° F using a manual or pneumatic caulking gun with standard industrial protective wear.

FixTech Fx8 FN is available in standard 10.1 fl. oz. cartridges and costs $8.96 MSRP with online ordering available for commercial customers. A technical data sheet is at

Contact FixTech, 8951 Cypress Waters Blvd., Dallas, TX 75019. 713-265-7077.

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