• One of America’s Finest Old Houseboats

    Web Exclusive November 13, 2019
    Gary Kramer
    It's highly likely KV Dahl III's 1976, 40-foot Harbor Master called the SS Dahlfin is one of the finest old houseboats in the country.
  • FD Boxes and Angled Adapters

    November 12, 2019
    Weatherproof FD boxes and angled adapters from Hubbell Marine help assure a secure flow of safe, reliable power of up to 50 amps under all climactic conditions.
  • Whoa! That’s A Lot Of Candles

    November 11, 2019
    By Brady L. Kay
    There's a 30th birthday worth looking forward to and worthy of celebration and that’s Houseboat magazine’s anniversary.
  • 6 Biggest Challenges of Dogs on Houseboats

    Web Exclusive November 08, 2019
    Lauretta Williams
    You might think that houseboats and dogs wouldn’t mix, but while it can be challenging to live with a dog on your houseboat, there are ways to overcome those challenges.
  • Retrofit A Charles ISO BOOST or PM3 to Latest Technology

    November 07, 2019
    Many Charles ISO BOOST and PM3 models are showing signs of their age, yet savvy houseboat owners aren't replacing them--they're retrofitting them to the latest technology.
  • Best Cruise Destinations Around the World

    Web Exclusive November 06, 2019
    As houseboaters, we love traveling in style and, most importantly, on the water. Here are some of the best destinations to look in to for your next boating getaway.
  • Argos Nautic 396 Yachting

    November 05, 2019
    Tenders always come in handy on a houseboat. For your tender needs, check out the new Argos Nautic 396 Yachting.
  • Standpipe Concerns

    November 04, 2019
    Excerpts about standpipe concerns from a recent Houseboat forum. Do you have any questions or advice? Hop on the forum and join the conversation.
  • When Your Ship Comes in for Winter

    November 03, 2019
    By Kevin Devoto
    You may have to abandon ship in the winter. You might stay in an apartment or house. Either way, you can keep on making use of your houseboat even during the off-season in these ways.
  • Fun Plaques for Boaters

    November 02, 2019
    A series of fun plaques from Bernard Engraving may seem official at first glance, but quickly raise a smile with their humorous messaging.
  • Reader Submission Photos

    November 01, 2019
    Here are some of the photos our readers shared on our Facebook page! Share your photos with us; yours could even be picked for our next issue of Houseboat Magazine!