A Clean, Odor-Free Bilge With BOATLife

December 2019 News

One of the most important boat-ownership tasks is cleaning the bilge. Not only does it reduce noxious interior odors, but also eliminates a Coast Guard officer visit for unintentionally discharging oily waste. Bilge Cleaner from BoatLIFE quickly and effortlessly emulsifies oil and scum, leaving the vessel smelling fresh and new.

Made in the USA, non-foaming Bilge Cleaner works without phosphates. Water-based, the biodegradable formula is so safe, it can be used in fish and bait wells.

Few maintenance tasks are as easy as using BoatLIFE Bilge Cleaner. Poured into the bilge, it's left to sit—no scrubbing is needed. If there is accumulated scum and oily residue, it can be wiped up, pumped into a container or drained when the boat is out of the water. This is so the runoff can safely and legally be discarded to protect the environment. Suggested retail prices for BoatLIFE Bilge Cleaner are $15.14 for a quart container and $47.53 for a gallon-sized jug.

Contact BoatLIFE, a division of Life Industries Corp., 4060 Bridgeview Dr., North Charleston, SC 29405. Toll-free 800-382-9706; Fax: 843-566-1275. www.boatlife.com.

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