Houseboat: A component of Tourism Industry in US

December 2019 Rent Connie Elser Web Exclusive

One of the newest trends emerging on the market is houseboat tourism, a concept that seems to take over the tourism industry quite quickly. Not only is houseboat tourism cool, it is also a great opportunity to seclude yourself from the world and have some relaxing time on a – what seems to be a house, but it is a – boat. This retro idea remains a classic in a market dominated by Airbnb and This actually looks like tourism done better than ever before – it’s creative, innovative, and explorative. What else do you need? Here are some ideas that you could implement as a business owner or be aware of as a consumer when exploring the houseboat in US concept.

1.      What is the real concept behind it? What are your expectations?

First thing you must do is pick a location (obviously, on water) convenient for you and your prospective customers, if an entrepreneur. If a customer, make sure you choose a place that speaks to you and allows you to connect to yourself. If you provide/need a big room, make sure you look for those details before anything else. Then, make sure that your boat has air conditioning if the weather is hot and possibly humid. Then set your expectations: if an entrepreneur, what do you expect to see happening? Make a pilot test to better understand the future of your business and see what would need improvement or upgrading. 

If a customer, make sure you request all the necessary details before embarking. It’s important that the owners know your expectations to better serve you. s

2.      What is the right houseboat for you?

There are plenty of houseboats in US available, so pick one that fits you the best. You can choose between the canal type, the pontoon, the floating home, the leisure boat, the yacht, the sailboat, the catamaran, and other types available. In any case, each one of them differs from the other, so in the end, your choice pretty much depends on your personal preferences. If a business owner, choose the type that is the easiest to maintain and manage; if a customer, choose the type that brings you the highest return on investment, based on the services offered and the experiences promoted.

3.      Personal cooking experience or what?

The new houseboat in US 2020 experience offers a personalized cooking experience, so make sure you ask yourself whether you’d like one or not. Some of the services include a personal chef (yes, they will cook delicious food for you!), while others include personal cooking (you can cook the food by yourself while sailing – ain’t that great?). If you want to enter the houseboat market, choose the service that offers the most value to your customers after performing a thorough research of the industry. In any case, look into seafood, since this is the most common option people usually go for on a boathouse. Make sure you include vegetarian options to make the market open to this target audience as well. If you need help with promotion materials, ask for professional research paper writing help, since there is plenty available.

4.      Drinking at one’s own discretion

One of the next coolest things you can do on a houseboat is drink! How fun is that? The best thing is that you don’t even need to spend extra on booze since you are usually allowed to bring your own drinks and consume them on your own discretion. If you are an entrepreneur, you could think about providing people a couple of free drinks on the boat and then tax them according to a pyramid plan – that means, the first drink they buy is $3, the next one $4, so on and so forth. As people consume more alcohol, they become happy and more willing to buy anything for a higher price.

5.      You can park it/have it parked anywhere

It’s also important to mention that you can park the boathouse, or have it parked wherever you’d like to. This gives you the opportunity to find a cozy spot to watch nature or sip on coconut water on an island. You can watch the sunset and sunrise, listen to relaxing music, and write poetry if you’d like. Whatever you choose to do, it will probably be one of the best times of your life.

On the other hand, as a businessman, you’d better offer this service to anyone requesting it. Have them pick their favorite locations and leave the boathouse in that spot for a while. Give them the necessary space to relax by themselves but do not forget to check on them every now and then.


The new boathouse trends have changed the tourism industry in US and worldwide. Make sure you stay updated on the latest news and informed on what works best, whether from a customer or a leadership perspective. Good luck and enjoy!

Writer’s Bio

Connie Elser is a writer, freelancer, and entrepreneur. She actively invests in the tourism industry, mainly focusing on boathouses. Connie’s passion is backpacking throughout the world, which she will soon engage in.

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