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Living in a houseboat probably seems like a dream come true to all of you adventurers out there – and it really is! Every day, you get to enjoy a number of privileges traditional homes could never give you, so it’s always a good idea to rent or buy a houseboat.

However, keep in mind that it represents an alternative lifestyle that will cause some people to raise eyebrows and ask you strange questions. You will face a lot of misconceptions along the way and it’s good to have a straightforward answer to each question.

Our goal is to help you with that, so keep reading to learn how to break the seven most popular stereotypes about living on a houseboat. Let’s take a look!

Practical Replies to 7 Houseboat Misconceptions

People have a lot of misconceptions about houseboat living, but we decided to focus on the seven most commonly asked questions and stereotypes. This is how you can help people to get things right. 

 1.       There’s no enough space in a houseboat

You’ve probably heard this one quite a few times already as most people believe houseboats are tiny places with not enough space inside. It’s a common misconception, but you can reply to it with a very direct explanation.

All it takes is to explain that the average houseboat is actually comfortable and spacious enough to host an entire family. Besides that, you can compare houseboat rooms with traditional apartments to confirm there are no major differences.

 2.       You can only live in a narrowboat

Another common stereotype is the consequence of frequent media reports about narrowboats. While it is true that narrowboats are popular among houseboat owners, it doesn’t mean they are the only available option.

It would be like neglecting all the other essay writing websites just because one paper writing service is particularly popular. Speaking of houseboats, you can always say there are other options besides narrowboats, including larger ships, alternative floating structures, and even super-yachts.

 3.       Houseboats are not comfortable

Individuals who claim that houseboats are not as comfortable as traditional houses probably haven’t spent a second in a water home. This stereotype strongly correlates with the first two misconceptions, but it also has something to do with people believing that houseboats are situated in a noisy neighborhood. None of these remarks is true (in 99% of the cases), so it’s up to you to explain how cozy and calming a houseboat really is.

 4.       Houseboats demand skills and experience

Houseboat navigation is not as complicated as people tend to believe. You don’t need to be an experienced skipper and you don’t hire someone with years of boating experience.

On the contrary, all you need to do is go through the basic houseboat navigation program to figure out the basics. It’s a quick process that usually takes less than an hour or two maximum.

 5.       Houseboat rentals are expensive and complicated

Another remark you will hear often is that houseboat rentals are very expensive and complicated paperwork-wise. While the price can be high if you opt for a luxury place, the fact is that most houseboats are much cheaper than the average apartment or house. At the same time, booking a houseboat rental is usually a simple procedure that requires less paperwork than any other real estate lease.

 6.       Living in a houseboat is boring

One of the worst stereotypes you can hear about living on a houseboat is that this way of life is too boring. Needless to say, it’s easy to dispute this statement and prove the opposite.

Almost every houseboat gives you a wide range of practical options that you can use for recreation and entertainment. For instance, a houseboat in a city canal brings you closer to cultural and social events in your town. Meanwhile, lake-based houseboats are well-connected to running, biking, and hiking paths, while you can also enjoy watersports more often than your friends and family.

 7.       You will get bored of it

When someone has nothing else to say against living on a houseboat, they will probably conclude with the ultimate stereotype - you will get bored of it. You can hardly give a reasonable answer to this one as there is always the chance that you might want to change the current way of life. However, you can always mention examples of people who have been living on houseboats for years without wanting to change anything.

The Pros of Living on a Houseboat

We taught you how to answer the most frequent stereotypes about living on a houseboat, but sometimes you should take the extra step and explain the benefits of your lifestyle. Here’s how:

  • Lifestyle: Living on a houseboat, you choose a different lifestyle that sets you free from lots of traditional duties and responsibilities. It’s an excellent escape route if you are tired of the 21st-century frenzy.
  • View: No matter where land-based houses might be, they can rarely have a better view than your houseboat. You get to enjoy beautiful scenery every day, while you can also relocate from time to time.
  • Atmosphere: The third benefit is the simple pleasure of enjoying and appreciating the entire atmosphere surrounding a houseboat. It’s like a beautiful painting you get to live in day after day.
  • Green: Another pro of living on a houseboat comes from the fact that you are living an eco-friendly life. Houseboat living is known for all sorts of green solutions, so you can contribute to the greater cause as well.
  • No commuting: A lot of houseboat owners work from home as proofreading or online assignment help professionals. If you are one of them, you can avoid commuting and wasting time traveling to work and back home, which is a huge privilege in 2020.

The Bottom Line

Having a houseboat allows you to turn a totally casual life into an everyday adventure, but you will have to face strange glances and misconceptions on the go. In this article, we showed you how to break the seven most popular stereotypes about living on a houseboat.

Which stereotype do you believe to be the most annoying here? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments as we are always happy to see the experiences of our fellow houseboat residents.



Michael Gorman is one of the professional essay writers at the best assignment writing service UK. Michael often creates dissertation writing services reviews, but he also loves blogging about lifestyle and interior design. He is the father of two kids and a dedicated long-distance runner.

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