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September 2020 Rent Michael Gorman

Whether you rent a houseboat or you have your own, when going on a trip you need to be prepared. You will mostly be traveling and you will have little access to shops unless you return to your starting point. 

Houseboat trips are more and more popular among youngsters and families. Among the most popular destinations are the lakes in the USA (Lake of the Woods, Lake Roosevelt and so on), but also European countries like Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland and many more.

Having everything necessary on a houseboat trip can prove to be difficult, as the space is limited. 

However, there are 8 types of items you should always bring with you on a houseboat trip. Of course, it depends on the houseboat facilities, but some things will always be helpful to have, says Michael Stuff from nursing assignments

1. Personal Essentials 

Everything from shampoo or conditioner, to toothpaste or shower gel, can be shared among family members. If you are more than one family on a houseboat trip, you can use the same shower gel, for example, and so save some space. 

Houseboats come with a lot of amenities, but personal hygiene items should be brought by every participant. Do not forget other important hygiene items, such as toothbrush, deodorant or sunscreen. 

2. Kitchen Non-Food Items

When on a houseboat trip, you will find it a little bit harder to program the meals. Besides the food ingredients, you also need to bring some kitchen non-food items that will make your trip on the boat more enjoyable and easier. Among these items are paper towels, dish soap, utensils for cooking and cups or wine glasses. 

Think about the most crucial kitchen items you want to have with you and without which the trip would be more difficult to handle. Take into consideration all the processes of making food and add matches, lighters, paper plates, napkins or garbage bags to your list. 

3. Linens

You will spend some time on the boat, so it is important to have everything necessary. Do not forget to bring linens for you. You will need towels for the shower and beach. Also, you need bed linen with pillowcases for your bed. And some blankets too, in case the weather will be chilly. If you have your own comfortable pillow, you can bring it with you. 

4. Clothing 

Another important part of a houseboat trip is having the right clothes with you. Keep in mind that the weather on the sea or lake is whimsical, so you need to be prepared. For sunny weather, you should have your sunglasses, shorts, and t-shirts, as well as your swimsuit and a hat to protect you. 

For chilly weather, you should have a waterproof jacket, pants, sweatshirts, and polar fleeces. If you plan to stop and roam the cities you encounter, you should have some hiking shoes with you. The same goes for flip-flops and sandals. 

Do not forget your underwear, socks and other key clothing pieces from your luggage. 

5. Survival Items 

Think about items you would like to have with you and that have the potential of saving you. For example, you can have a multi-functional knife with you. It is smaller and easier to carry than a regular knife. Take lake maps or charts that can help you navigate.

A toolbox and a first aid kit should be taken on the boat, as some people can have seasick. Check if your houseboat has important and key items, such as rope and life jackets. If they miss, you should take some with you to be prepared just in case. 

6. Miscellaneous Items

Here are other items you might need on the boat. For example, batteries are useful if you have devices that do not use electrical power, such as lanterns or flashlights. Toilet paper will also be needed, so do not forget to bring some. Phone chargers, duct tape, folding chairs or sewing kit are among the items you should have with you. The possibility of using the sewing kit is small, but it does not hurt to have it with you since it doesn’t take up much space. 

7. Entertainment 

To fill your time while traveling, you can bring some items that will help you. Think about books, magazines or cards. Board games are also an option because you can spend quality time with your friends and family members. Your camera would also be helpful as you can immortalize some moments and keep them forever as memories, says Samantha Gaff, editor at the dissertation writing service

8. Diving or Fishing Equipment 

If you like fishing, then you should not forget your fishing gear at home. Also, in most cases you will need a fishing license, so be sure that you bring it with you. 

If you like diving or scuba diving, bring your license and gear with you. You can enjoy the sunny weather on a kayak or canoe trip, so if you have one do not forget it at home. Paddleboards or water toys might work as well. 


Packing your luggage for a houseboat trip can seem overwhelming. If you write down all the necessary items and cross them one by one as you pack them, you will make sure that you do not forget something important at home. Think about all-weather possibilities and prepare accordingly. 

Think about clothes, entertainment items, personal essentials, and kitchen non-food items. To have the best houseboat trip you need to make sure you packed the essentials, so use this list to your advantage. 


Author Bio:

Michael Gorman is a highly-skilled writer, editor at and proofreader from the UK who currently works at uk essay writing service. Being interested in meeting new cultures and travelling, he writes various blog posts and discovers new aspects of human cultures every day. Michael offers his support for students by offering top essay writing service to write my essay. Feel free to contact him via Facebook or check his Twitter.

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