Eggs and Bacon? No, Eggs and Seaweed!

February 2021 News Web Exclusive

If you’re after your bit of interesting news for the day, check out what recently posted about—bacon-flavored seaweed.

Unbelievable, you’re probably thinking. And also, what’s that got to do with houseboats?

According to, a houseboat has everything to do with the story of how dulse is getting started on the road to potential stardom as a big ticket “super food” that, rumor has it, has a flavor reminiscent of bacon when cooked. Chuck Toombs, a marketing professor at Oregon State University, had selected this nutrient-rich red algae as a business project for his marketing students. Jason Ball was brought on the team to help create recipes using dulse, and his prior experience crafting things like dulse ice cream sandwiches on a houseboat in Copenhagen, Denmark, certainly paved the way. The houseboat served as the base of operations for Nordic Food Lab, an experimental food lab where Ball and a colleague worked on inventing wild ice creams such as the dulse creation.

New Seasons Market is reportedly premiering the team's dulse salad dressing recipe shortly. We’ll have to see if the recipe takes off, and if this dressing will make its way into your own galley before too long. If you’re interested in more details, make sure to read OregonLive’s article here.  

Photos credited to Jessica Greif/The Oregonian

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