Five Psychological Benefits of Houseboating

February 2021 News, Latest Issue

Life gets stressful, especially now. With all of the tumultuous politics, the coronavirus pandemic, the stresses of day-to-day life from work to home (or even work from home for some people, there is no doubt that a lot of us have neglected our mental health. When we are stressed, our bodies lose control of a lot of things and tend to crack under pressure. 

So what is the solution? Studies seem to suggest that a houseboat vacation or maybe even as a place to live may be exactly the thing a lot of people need. As it turns out, there are quite a few psychological benefits to houseboating. 

1.) Reducing Stress. 

When we are stressed, our body begins to neglect its needs. It will mess with sleeping schedules, happiness levels (dopamine and serotonin output,) cause us to gain weight, and lower immune systems. A lot of that is because the human body will prepare for danger. When we were wild, the stress outputs were used to warn us about being hunted or that we were going to starve. Nowadays, we will release that chemical even though there is no real danger.

So, for those that are stressed in their daily life, what may they consider to combat the issue? Well, one of the best solutions may actually be taking a vacation on a houseboat. According to the American Psychological Association, vacationing can reduce stress for up to five weeks after the vacation is finished. Imagine, being by your family, a drink in one hand, staring at the sunset as it sinks behind the calm water. On a houseboat, it is almost like you are on another world, away from work, society, and the rest of the slew of day-to-day life that weighs so heavy over time. The bonus after that is, even when you return, your stress levels will stay down for up to five weeks. Now that, my friends, sounds like a good use of time and money.

2.) Sleeping Longer and Better. 

Looking back to the effects of stress listed above, one of the things stress can affect is our sleeping schedule. With all of the technology and buzz today, it's hard to fall asleep, and even harder to fall into a deep sleep where you gain the full benefits of rest.

Consider this, what is the reason we rock babies to sleep? It is because a gentle but continuous motion allows the brain to slip deeper into a sleep state, or rem sleep. This is the state where the brain stores long and short term memories, sorts through what is and is not an immediate danger, and allows you to wake up refreshed in the morning (a feeling that just seems to be growing more and more distant every day.)

So, when sleeping on a houseboat, the water lulls you to sleep, slowly rocking you back and forth to the ebb and flow of the dance between the water and the moon. If you have not had a good bout of sleep for a while, a houseboat may be where you need to be!

3.) Sunlight and Vitamin D

Boating is a nice chance to take in the rays and catch a tan, but there are a lot more benefits than basking in the light. We take in vitamins from the sun, such as vitamin D, which helps boost our immune system and keep our energy levels high. Did you know that, based on the trajectory of the sun and the elevation, some people would need eight hours of sunlight everyday just to not be deficient? Insane! Who has time to do that?

Well, when you’re on a houseboat, there is no shortage of activities that allow you to stay in the sun for a long period of time while having a ton of fun. From fishing, to swimming, to simply chatting it up with your family and friends, the sun is always close by and warming your skin-- as well as giving you a healthy helping of vitamin D!

4.) Enhancing Creativity

If you are a creative soul, think about whether the following scenario sounds familiar to you. You are sitting at your desk, completely motivated to work on your craft but… nothing. You have had, like, a hundred different ideas, but none of them sound right or keep your attention for very long. Ah, hello again creative block. Creativity block seems to rear its ugly head in just at the wrong time, doesn’t it?

Kicking back on a houseboat is the perfect solution to shaking up that daily routine and making your creative juices flow again! According to the article For a More Creative Brain, Travel, by Brent Crane with, new sounds, smells, tastes, sensations, and sights can spark the different synapses in the brain and can potentially revitalize the mind. Simply put, if you are motivated but can’t find what you want to create in that noggin of yours, a vacation on a houseboat would be great for jogging your mind and giving you some fresh ideas!

5.) Stronger Bonds

It has been said that taking time away from your daily life can strengthen your mental health, but, it can also strengthen the health of those around you and make the bonds between you even more powerful. When out on a houseboat you are making memories, mending your mind, and spending some quality time with those you love. All of these things combine can be shown to deepen the love between you.

According to, the couples who traveled together tended to have stronger, and better maintained relationships, as well as a higher level of understanding for one another. So, what are you waiting for? Give your brain and your family some much needed TLC. The houseboat awaits. 

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