Ritchie Compass is Always On, No Matter the Conditions

July 2021 News

Magnetic compasses can do something no GPS can: display an actual heading. Add fog, tossing seas, or loss of power, and the need for a 4-1/2" SS-2000 SuperSport™ Navigator from Ritchie Navigation is clear. Ideal for commercial and recreational vessels, it delivers precise readings without the dial oscillation common with competing products.

Ritchie's SS-2000 SuperSport Navigator has a hardened steel gimbal movement set on a matched sapphire jewel. Combined with Ritchie PowerDamp technology and DirectiveForce™ magnets, the high-visibility blue dial is smooth and sure, no matter the pitch and roll.

The large crystal-clear dome has a yellow zero point and white 45° lubber lines. A movable sun shield and integrated 12V green LED lighting ensure the bright white numbers and degree marks are easy to read in any light condition. Red and 24V and 32V lighting options are available.

Installing the SS-2000 SuperSport Navigator requires a 4-3/4" to 5-1/8" wide hole. Built-in compensators adjust for deviation, making it easy to flush mount in a wide range of onboard locations.

The SS-2000 SuperSport Navigator from Ritchie Navigation is available in white and black and has an MSRP of $451.93. The compass is 100% repairable, it comes with a five-year warranty.

Contact Ritchie Navigation, 243 Oak St., Pembroke, MA 02359. 781-826-5131. sales@ritchienavigation.comwww.ritchienavigation.com.

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