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12-29-2013, 07:57 AM
OK Gang hopefully one of you experts can help me out here.

We've got a 1999 50 Gibson Cabin Yacht with onboatr 100 gallon freshwater tanks and an exterior freshwater connection to take water in from a dockside fresh water hose.

We always seem to be drawing from the holding tank and never from the dock connection. Filling the holding tank gets a bit tedious

What boating god do I need to sacrafice to in order to use the dock water connection? I've looked all over and don't see any obvious valves and the owner manual makes no mention of this.

What am I missing here?

12-29-2013, 05:23 PM
is your fresh water line tied in after the pump? if it is, unfasten it from the inside and check it for flow.if its flowing ok the only thing I can think of is the check valve in the pump leaking back. its a very simple system.if your dockside line is tied into your system after the pump the check valve in the pump is supposed to keep the water from going back through the pump into your fresh water tank.lemme know if you find it. one other thing.on our old boat it had a inline pressure regulater on the dockside line. it would go bad yearly and not let water through it

12-29-2013, 06:12 PM
I don't think it's a backflow problem, as that would FILL the water tank.

Turn the pump off and the water will HAVE to come from the shore. If you don't get water you have a blockage somewhere. Trace the water flow all the way from the shore connection to any faucet on the boat and see what you can find. There might be a valve somewhere, I don't know why but POs can do some strange things.

Many inlets have a pressure reducer built in which could be clogged or restricting the flow (mud dauber?) You might have to remove the inlet and either clear or replace it.

09-11-2015, 04:43 PM
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