View Full Version : Finally changed my anodes

03-10-2014, 06:39 AM
We finally had a decent weekend where we stayed on the boat at the dock for the whole weekend, so I could finally work on some of my projects.

Here's a video I took of the anode job.

The camera doesn't show just how bad of shape the anodes were in that I removed from the boat. I'll have to keep an eye on my new ones to see how quickly they wilt away, since they're magnesium. Despite being heavily corroded, the zinc anodes were still heavier than the new magnesium anodes I installed, which is how I know the originals were zinc.......and they were original.

03-11-2014, 06:14 AM
I did mine last summer while the water was warm. They were four yrs old and looked OK, but I changed them basically to have something to do. As it turns out, they were swiss-cheesed like the ones you pulled off. They looked OK, but were only about half their original weight. I suppose that means they were doing their job.