View Full Version : Electrical Leak....Help!

07-14-2014, 10:33 PM
While investigating the prospects of changing out the anodes on my trim tabs I got a pretty decent electrical shock when I touched my starboard trim tab. I knew I was lucky it wasn't worse and I am also very pissed. We could only get the current to stop when we unplugged both shore power cables. Turning off the 120V breakers one by one didn't stop it. So I am looking at the actually shore power switch. When looking at it, there were about 9 different cables connected to it. I have 2 30amp connections and the generator. That seems to be a few too many cables to me. I am going to track them all down tomorrow morning and figure out where they all go. I did find that the one shore power had its ground running straight into the 120V panel's neutral block. I moved that so it went into the galvonic isolator, but it is still leaking.

1 step forward 10 steps back.

07-15-2014, 06:08 AM
could it have anything to do with the generator meltdown?

07-15-2014, 07:10 AM
I am ripping stuff apart today. I ran out of daylight yesterday.

07-15-2014, 07:27 AM
I can't help you, but I will say that it is good that you are treating it seriously and are working to fix it pronto. Good luck on a quick and hopefully inexpensive fix.

07-16-2014, 07:47 PM
ditto the above, gives new meaning to no swim area's, perhaps a few dock master's who are too busy collecting fees, need to be held accountable

07-16-2014, 08:17 PM
Well it appears I have it resolved. We replaced the shore power adapters and the cabling was correct. However we saw their was some exposed cable and a circuit breaker was going bad. We swapped everything out and I am not detecting any leaks now.

07-20-2014, 08:25 PM
While doing some searching, I have determined that the two shore powers are connected to the boat incorrectly. I am guessing the 2nd air conditioning unit was added at some point and they determined they needed another 30amp shore power connection. Well they have the two 30 amps combined at the switch when they should in fact require two separate AC panels from the reading I have been doing. With the new generator going in, I am going to get it wired in correctly. I purchased Isolation Transformers as well. I know Galvanic Isolators will help the situation but I want protection from my poorly managed power at the marina.