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06-04-2013, 06:56 AM
I figured I'd start a new thread for this so I don't hyjack my other toilet thread. So, I'm doing a bunch of work on my toilets to get them in better working order. The Raritan Atlantes A5 toilets have a window on the back of the toilet to the macerator chamber so you can see if there's debris in the blades. I saw another boat last year that had LEDs taped to the outside of that window that would shine into the bottom of the bowl making the bowl blue. It's a cool and funny effect.

So, since I'm working on the toilets anyway, I bought 12 volt blue LEDs to put on mine. The LEDs will feed off the toilets' power supply to light up the toilet bowl. My boat has a red theme, so I was going to buy red LEDs, but my wife quickly told me that was not a good idea. I'll post some pictures once I get them installed.

Everyone will be dying to use my toilets.......I just hope I can get them to work better now!

06-04-2013, 07:45 AM
Hilarious! But it should help everyone's aim!

06-04-2013, 09:58 AM
I need to go to the Hallmark store to find one of those musical cards that plays the song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". I could pull the device out of the card and install it on the toilet lid to play each time some lifts the lid. Oh man, the possibilities are endless!

06-04-2013, 11:56 AM
It's a wise man who listens to his wife on such matters. Especially when she's right.

06-04-2013, 12:06 PM
HB Magazine often reprints threads from this forum. I'm thinking the editor won't pick this one. But I think it's a great idea. I have a spare LED from another project and will be pulling our guest head soon for work. Hmmmmmmm.

06-04-2013, 02:52 PM
From what I've been told 2009 or 2010 model Raritan Atlantes A5 or A6 models are the last ones to have the clear macerator window. Newer models have a solid plastic lid.

06-10-2013, 07:08 AM
$22 dollars later, here's the finished product! People get a good kick out of it. My boys were the 1st to discover they could turn the toilet from blue to green - you can figure that one out for yourself. :D

06-10-2013, 09:30 AM
I have to admit its different.

06-10-2013, 07:06 PM
My wife wasn't as impressed as I was. Go figure. Good job!

06-11-2013, 07:53 AM
My wife made fun of me too, but in the end, she admist it's cool. Now I have the LED fever. I wonder what else I could do?

Garbage disposal? :rolleyes: