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08-15-2013, 01:45 PM
I enjoyed the previous issue on pumps. I was in harbor freight a couple days ago an purchased a 12 vote utility water pump (marine printed on the box....LoL) but for all intense purpose's will have it as a quick replacement should one of the 2 existing pumps fail. . so for an inexspensive back up is stored.
Tips on replacement for my 2 current 12v on demand water pumps. Perhaps best answered by those with more experience on the issue. What are the most popular brands. The price range one could expect to pay for such a pump? My system uses 2 pumps, one is for the commode straight drop . The second pump takes care of kitchen & bathroom sinks, along w/shower. So before I M reminded how ambiguous my question is, its for a HB with 2 adults 3 day outings weekly, if I didn't mention it I don't have it or use, ie dish washer etc....opps there is a Hot water heater...Very normal use dishes to wash, commode to flush seldom use the shower out because the lake works great.

Ball park suggestions are great

I understand Harbour Freight wont be where I shop for replacement pump if any of you have a certain outlet you recommend that info would be helpful,

While I have you, has anyone tried using the services of having there pumps rebuilt, IM sure if its a diaphragm style that would be the weakest point, thanks for reading, I have to assume bench time at or near 100$ an hour its cost prohibitive.

lol after rereading my post I realize the back up pump I purchased isn't an on demand style, perhaps a second question later.

08-15-2013, 07:23 PM
I have a 44ft Gibson with 2 full baths,2 sinks a washer and dryer. I use a 3.5 gpm shurflo pump that you can get from any rv dealer cheaper than a marina, or off e bay for less than 100 $. it works great for me.hope this helps.