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Thread: runabout give me the runaround

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    Senior Member ShoreBound's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Lake Mojave, NV
    I was towing my 18 ft ski boat across slightly bumpy water one day, when the front rope broke, spinning the ski boat around backward, and towards the houseboat. Fortunately, I always tow it on the starboard side, so I can see it while I drive. I was able to stop the houseboat before the ski boat hit. Nowadays, I always use TWO ropes on the bow! LOTS of fenders is a good thing.

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    Aug 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    I have a Towdster and it works quite well. I've towed a ski boat, wave runner and a dingy and it has done a fine job on all.
    Dan, can you go in reverse while towing another boat with the Towdster?
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