Covered slip, creates more of an issue. Looking to install downspouts on the corners.

What Id like to do is install tracks, for the drip pan to slide in an out, I need my rain water to be run out about 4 inches past the deck. We all know how theses extensions are designed to give way at the hint of contact.

So if someone knows where I got find track material that a piece of sheet metal not sure of the gauge something about the thickness of a license plate, could slide through.

Track mounted underside of top deck be able to slide pans in an out.

A flat surface not cupped or flanged will certainly be an improvement. Ah yes the pain in the a$$ of are they in an out I can deal with.

so any tips who or what home/lowes type product could be used for the track..... (for help 30% of the company pat. pending)