Very new to this forum...hoping to learn from the rest of you!!
We have a 1978 Gibson that we have remodeled in the last 4 years. Our boat is in a marina with other houseboats about 40 minutes from home/work/reality. We are weekenders (Thurs night thru Sunday) during the months of April thru October, depending on our undependable Missouri weather. We also have a small ski boat that we take out for quick fun.
The longest that we have journeyed out was for a week long adventure on Table Rock Lake looking at other marinas along the way and ultimately deciding on a new home for our boat.

Are any of you "weekenders" in a marina, and if so do you like the community of folks and amenities provided? For the most part we think houseboaters are about the best people you can run into.
Also...any kids or pets houseboating with you? My 13 year old son is fine as long as he has internet and his gaming system... My shih tzu is all about the boat and all the attention she receives on the lake!

I've been stocking my boat for the season. Our marina just now turned the water on due to the freezing temps.