My Stero was installed in the lower helm, with a control installed on the upper helm. Meaning, I could turn it on, off, volumn, radioo, CD all from the upper.

I installed two speakers on the front deck, two in the cabin, Two on the sun deck, and two o the upper helm.

In the cabin I had 4 switches, that way I could insolate the music.

Mainly I would have the cabin off, and the upper, and the sun deck jamming while crusing.

That way, people inside could still hear themselvies talk.

My VHF radio had a ram mic in the upper helm, with the radio at the lower.

That way, when I was in the upper heading down the ICW, I could pick up that Ram Mic, and state:

Wife Bring me Another 6 pack ~~~ NOW!!!

While she was doing dishes and cooking food, you know, the woman's job.