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Thread: Best paint to use?

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    Jun 2014

    Best paint to use?

    Our boat is in dire need of a new paint job. The fly bridge has returned to its rather ugly original colors and we now have one of the worst looking boats on the dock. In short, what is the best paint to use for this? We will be sanding the old paint off but may not be sanding down to the fiber glass. The paint will need to be tinted to match the colors already on the boat.

    Its very confusing, it seems whom ever had this boat painted used vinyl for certain stripes and paint for others. The black appears to be vinyl while the faded portions are(were) paint.

    Here are some pics from 8 years ago when the boat was purchased:

    And here are some from last weekend:

    As you can see, she looks horrible. Any help is appreciated!

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    Jul 2014
    This the most frequent and important question of the Marines.
    Most boats still use gelcoat for the exterior finish. Gelcoat is basically a resin with very high pigmentation content that gives it it's color. There are very high quality gel coats available that can hold up over the years, but very few builders use them because they are quite expensive.Whether you use a yard or a jobber, beware that the price should not be the only factor in choosing a painter. The lowest cost will usually translate to the lowest quality of work. Jobbers tend to come and go with frequency because painting boats is a rough and difficult business. The ones who do the best work are usually more than happy to give you references of prior customers. It will be more than worth your while to investigate and actually go look at examples of their work.
    Hope this 'll be helpful for you.

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    I have some auxillary pontoons I fabricated out of plywood and then fiberglassed. I primed them with 100% acrylic house primer and then 2 coats of 100% acrylic gloss house paint. The brand I used is Olympic Duralife 25 year warranty. I think I got it either at lowes or Home Depot. After 7 years of immersion in the water there is not a blister or peeling anywhere.
    You can pay 4X as much for "Marine Paint" but you are getting the same thing.

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