So, I call up my local GA State Farm agent to get the boat policy transferred. After going around and around a bit, he finally says - since it is being slipped in SC, you have to get an SC State Farm agent to quote it. Even though you can register a boat in GA or SC for this lake because the state line runs right down the middle of the lake, I say OK and call an agent in SC. They contact my agent in TN to get the specifics of the current policy and shoot me a quote. The quote for SC is $1,800 a year. That is $800 more than it was in TN. So, the SC agent and I are going round and round with the underwriters to see why the big difference.

I have gotten quotes from other companies, but they are not that much less and they all want a new survey, my October 2010 survey is too old.

You have to pay to play, but $800 more a year seems excessive.