ahem.... WE don't throw those sorts of parties... sniff.... But, if we were to accidentally host a boorish and careless guest, I would deal thusly: Very small amounts aren't apparently a problem, but a real beer-emptying would be. Step one: Scold the offender. Strongly suggest that the offender go clean that mess up very much sooner rather than later. Step two would mean dumping sodden material in garbage bag. Step three would be hosing the bucket and housing out or attaching a line and dropping the bucket on a line overboard to rinse it. Sort of like what happens when the pumpout station is done with its job- drops the hose in the water to rinse it, right? Step four, take a couple of paper towels, dry the bucket, put back in toilet housing. I gather this faux pas would take a good ten minutes rather than two, and a waste of three bucks worth of coir. I take comfort: At least I don't have to know what a flapper valve looks like or how to re-install one, right? Again, I hasten to add, "SO FAR!" We have a lot to learn yet.