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Thread: Newbie seeking advice on which old houseboat to buy for major renovation/modern home

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    It sounds as if you're looking to maybe build a floating house? The big obstacle to overcome is going to be waste, how to both store and dispose of it. Even in a marina situation it often necessitates to need to move the boat to the pump-out station to properly dispose of it.

    In the event you do decide to build your own designing, and building a functional waste storage and disposal system is in reality a bigger perplexing problem to overcome that will require a lot more thought than it would outwardly seem to get it right.

    Maybe consider something suitable for your needs, after all we all soon realize there is enough work involved in cleaning and maintaining them. A couple to maybe consider.

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    I think a 44 or 55 ft kingscraft would be ideal as you would have the room to do as you wish. draft is about 24 inch's. You can get them at a reasonable price. Pluckabaum also comes to mind and would fill the bill, I am sure you could find one that need remodeled. I just like a full hulled boat. Good luck in your search.

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    I assume you will be taking this out of the water in the winter? I can't imagine anything holding up to the ice on Lake of the Woods.

    also, on such a big body of water, I would go HULL all the way. Pontoons will not handle well in big waves if you ever need to move it. Also, if at all possible go aluminum. Steel will cause you all sorts of trouble.

    Moving from Canada to Colorado will be expensive whether it is 12 or 14.

    Also, if you are going to have others do it for you, good luck. Will be crazy expensive is my guess. Never done it but I have had a minor remodel done on a boat and it was expensive.

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