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Thread: Marine Carpet

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    Marine Carpet

    I am thinking about using marine carpet on the top deck of my older houseboat. I have a large canvass canapy with side curtains. Any input on this as opposed to epoxy or other type of deck coating approaches.

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    I like Carpet, it is feet friendly and is atractive until it weathers. If your in a covered slip expect 5 years before it gets shabby. If outside expect 3. Your canopy will extend it's life.

    The most important aspect is to get carpet that is open backed so it will dry out completely. Under NO circumstances use rubber backed or sealed back carpet. Water eventually collects in pockets and damages the deck. Do NOT use carpet on steel decks.

    A painted deck using poly anti skid beads in your favorite deck paint works out well and cleans up well, but needs to be recoated every 2 or 3 years to maintain appearance. Under no conditions, would I, use the sand type anti skid material.
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    Its a good idea .

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    I haven’t looked at the wiring yet so I don’t know if I have to check to see if there is anything different about the Oil Press gauge since the present ones have alarms. I don’t know if they shut down automatically if pressure gets too low. Is there a special gauge needed for this or is this just an extra lead off the gauge to an alarm and shut-off?

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    The oil pressure alarm is completely separate from the oil pressure gauge. The alarm is a simple on-off switch you screw into the block, if there is no pressure it goes ON and sounds the alarm. Oil pressure turns it OFF. Quite simple to install, you run a single wire from the ignition switch to the alarm and then to the switch in the block.

    If you like you can PARALLEL the sensor with an overheat sensor, water flow sensor, or whatever, and use the same alarm siren and wiring. Any one of them will set off the alarm. It's up to you to figure out which one.

    Some engines are wired so they won't start till oil pressure builds up, and will shut down if they lose pressure. I'm not in favor of it.
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    If you are worried about water under the carpet, use epoxy to seal the deck first. But make sure you seal all exposed edges as well as the top and bottom of the wood. Water wicks much faster from the edges of the wood (I am assuming it's ply) and once in there it's damned hard to dry the wood. So seal up the edges. Then put the carpet down.
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