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Thread: help with Mooring lines

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    help with Mooring lines

    just purchase a used 2012 16 x 84ft Sharpe. I need to purchase mooring lines for when we tie up to the bank and across an inlet. My previous boat, 16 x 68ft Sharpe, had 5/8in Mega Braid. I am wondering if I should step up to 3/4in Mega Braid due to the increase weight/surface area. Thoughts - is Mega Braid the best option? Is 5/8in sufficient or should I spend extra money to go to 3/4in?

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    I use 5/8 three strand - 12,000 tensile strength. According to their website 5/8 megabraid is 10,300 tensile strength. 3/4 is going to be heavy and is going to take up a lot of room on your cleats. How many ropes do you put out when you tie up?

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    Congrats on the new boat! Sharpe made a fine boat, in their days. Where are you located?

    I'd go with the 3/4". I'd sleep better at night knowing you're covered.

    I found Ebay to be a good place to search for boat ropes. If not there, check with Tractor Supply Company.
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    I have used both 3/4" braid and 5/8" braid. I prefer the 5/8". I have never had it fail. Naturally you replace it when it starts to look like the UV light is taking its toll. But you'd do that with 3/4" too. East TN is exactly right that the 5/8" is much easier to handle. The worst rope I have ever used is the twist-braid kind. It's stiff and hard to work with.

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