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Thread: Rebuilding lazy days

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    Rebuilding lazy days

    Let me introduce myself my name is Koty Porter I am Service manager of a marina in upstate SC on Lake Hartwell. I have inquired a 50ft lazy days Hull only and I want to rebuild it to put at the marina to stay on busy weekends. I want to just build it like a standard house with 2x2 walls 16in on center with OSB walls and vinyl siding but after researching I don't see a lot of people using vinyl. Was wondering why? I was wanting to get some input on ideas for framing and exterior for this project.
    thanks guys!

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    Take a look at Amelia, they built a houseboat.

    Vinyl should work in your application.
    I am not a fan of OSB however.

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    The reason people don't use Vynil siding on a boat is because it looks so D**n Tacky. YUCK!!
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    I used inch and a half framing on mine, which is actually 2 by 4's ripped right down the middle. I'll post a few photo's of mine in progress below. I also agree that vinyl siding does look out of place on a boat.





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    I did the same for framing, 2x2, (2x4 ripped down the middle) and it has worked fine.
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