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Thread: Here to shake things up a bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsj248 View Post
    That's her before the upper helm and all the painting. I posted this issue to help others who may find themselves,s in the spot I found myself. My mother always said to stand up for what you believe is not right. Unfortunately, this critique has created to much adverse results and I will simply fade away. I was removed from active captain, my posts and responses were deleted from the cruiser net and despite my objectivity regarding all boats, the responses became very offensive. I believe OHB is the moderator and I would like to request my thread to be removed. Just know, no mal-intent was intended. I wanted to indicate, especially to the houseboat crowd, you will NOT be welcomed at many marina's in the keys. Check first and send them a picture every time. THANK YOU
    I hope as Admin and moderator that you will leave this post intact, I answered but it seems to have gone in cyberspace. I think you should stick to your guns due to them taking your deposit. You reserved a service you did not get which is a breach of contract as you did not misrepresent anything.

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    I had to hire a lawyer by the name of Patrick Stevens. Although they have now sent my deposit back, they are sticking to their ability to pick and choose who and what type of vessels they want in their marina. Although I believe in businesses having the ability to be selective, I also believe it should be done in an ethical and timely manner. At any point during my adventure down the ICW, if I had the least thought that my houseboat looking boat would present a problem, I never would have sent a deposit and simply found another marina. Finding another Marina during peak season is the problem. During my whole trip down, I was always greeted with kindness, curiosity, and the "WOW" factor! When I showed up at one marina, after the dock hand gave me a bottle of wine (It's their customary thing) he asked if some of the other boaters can come on board and take a look. As you can imagine, that made me real proud! As it turns out I ended up in what I feel is probably the nicest marina in Marathon. By the grace of god, they took me in and now I am like family to them. They love the look of the boat and they said the two yellow chairs on top, make the boat look like a postcard. They even asked me to return next year which my deposit is already left! Being a hardened fire/medic, I guess Karma does exist!!! THANKS

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsj248 View Post
    .......I guess Karma does exist!!! THANKS
    Maybe your Karma could run over the other marina's dogma?

    Anyway, I'm sure next time you will tell a marina in advance that you have a houseboat.
    I'm surprised that they didn't ask you in advance what type of boat you had. Just about every marina has always asked me length, beam, draft, make and year.
    Oh, well. Glad you got your deposit back.
    Last edited by Tony B; 03-02-2015 at 05:31 PM.
    Houseboater at Heart
    1986 Mainship 36 Dual Cabin Pointed Ended House Boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsj248 View Post
    As it turns out I ended up in what I feel is probably the nicest marina in Marathon.
    Then it sounds like it worked out better than you planned. Congrats!!!

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    I love stories with happy endings! Glad you found a marina in Marathon with an appreciation for your craftsmanship. Any chance you'll be back up by Elizabeth City? We know a nice town dock in Edenton that's free for two nights... and supper isn't far away!
    How about posting photos of the latest improvements?

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