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Thread: Not letting this go !! Houseboaters are the best

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    Not letting this go !! Houseboaters are the best

    placed on Active Captain:
    I left a deposit at Marathon Marina in November 2014, Told them I would pay the 4 months up front and give them a 5000 deposit after they denied my 4 month dockage while I was running down the AICW.. Judy requested a picture of my pocket cruiser (I've earned the right to that since I navigated from the very most northeast city of the Chesapeake to Marathon. Down the Chesapeake, down the cape fear, across the Albemarle, through Miami, through the Biscayne bay to my future location of Marathon Marina-ONLY to be told my vessel looks like a house boat sooo they will not accept it? This is after taking my deposit in November and telling me this in January? Like who can make alternate arrangements in January in the keys? This is pure discrimination!! My last boat was a Bayfield 42, a Catalina 25 and I also am half owner of a 70 foot classic motor yacht. Why did I get rejected: because I look like a houseboat? The tides are turning and now, a lot of marinas are against sail boaters since they are considered cheap and don't have a lot of funding!
    I love active captain!!! It helped me all the way down the ICW, BUT they bounced my review because it may have been too honest and the Marathon Marina is an active captain 1st choice (hense the reason I wanted to stay there) . I want to get this out to others since I have the resources and ability to protect myself! What if you don't? Shouldn't they LIST "no square boats allowed" and AC- I love your program but please stop deleting this....My email is jsj248@yahoo,com. If anybody wants more details, you need only ask! and i will always put my money and my email before my accusations!!!! Marinas should NOT be able to discriminate because you have a square pocket cruiser, a sailboat, or a motor yacht. I own all three!!!! This needs to be addressed and I am NOT going away. Saillboaters (especially) the smaller ones are next to be rejected. This issue needs clarification and being on active captain-the marina has a right to respond in writing on this very site. If your a number "1"
    choice-step up to the plate and tell me why I was rejected, despite the fact I own several business worth 10 times the value of your tiny marina? THANKS

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    You got sacked for the same reason you don't get into a High End RV park with a Pop Up. It's an image thing brought on by years of experience with dead beat customers. Sue the Marina for your money but you won't change the situation.
    The fries are cold so we gave you extra.

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