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Thread: Issues Marinas Have With Live-aboards

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    Issues Marinas Have With Live-aboards

    In the thread "Mainas that allow liveaboard?" it's apparent that Marinas aren't receptive to live-aboard tenants. What's your thoughts on the issues that "Marinas May Have With Live-aboards" in general that makes them turn down or refuse such a good potential source of additional revenue.
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    Some of the reservations against liveaboards are steeped in history. Along the shores of many rivers, "Clusters" of shanty boats cropped up and included a lot of unemployed and not nice people. They polluted the waters and preyed on the local residents. In most areas these people were legislated off the river banks and these laws are still on the books. I believe TVA lake system still has these laws in place.

    We are only now in an enlightened period where overboard discharge is prohibited. This law has been in effect for years but wasn't actively policed because many areas had few or no pump outs. Liveaboards tend to disregard this law on a frequent basis. The most modern marinas have slip side pump outs but they are high end and few and far between.

    Many Marinas don't want the hassle of providing Security 24/7 and want NO PART of full time teenagers 24/7. A No Liveaboard Policy prevents that problem from coming up.

    Most desirable Marinas have a waiting list and don't have to provide liveaboard accommodation, so they prohibit them. Some Marinas regulations allow X number of days a month for occupancy but no permanent liveaboard status. (Mobile Area)

    Pirate will welcome you to stay Forever, go there.

    BOTTOM LINE: THEY DONT HAVE TO ALLOW LIVEABOARDS. Their slips are full with people waiting.
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    There is a similar thread to this on a another forum. Apparently some guy in a houseboat made arrangements and gave a deposit to a marina in Florida. When he arrived in his houseboat, they said he couldn't stay because they did not take in houseboats and they refused to give him his money back.
    Anyway, even though I am a live-aboard and have been for approx. 18 years, I have to agree with OHB. Personally, I don't consider Myself and the Admiral to be in the same category as typical live-aboards, but I do know exactly what he is talking about. I have always felt the same way. Most, but not all liveaboards I have met are not true boaters. They are individuals that have found a cheap way to live. Inland, they are most noticeable on houseboats. On the Gulf coast, they are on powerboats as well as sailboats. This problem is also recognized by insurance companies. Most insurance companies will not cover liveaboards. Those that do usually charge more. Of the marinas that we have lived aboard in, other than state parks, there is usually an additional charge for liveaboards averaging in the $50 - $80/month Live-aboard fee. This is additional to the normal monthly charges. I think it's excessive but I do understand.
    When we had our sailboat for sale last year, we moved it to a cheaper marina. I think it was a bad idea and probably why it took so long to sell my boat. The attached photos are real photos from a live-aboard boat occupied by 2 middle aged adults. This particular marina had a large percentage of liveaboards and it was like walking into a third world country. Needless to say, I had issues with these people and I don't take crap from anyone as a matter of fact, I actually delivered all the duck and goose crap on my dock to them. I let them know there was no delivery charge.
    Darn it, I cant post pictures of their boat. I will be back later with a link.
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    Where I purchased the Kingscraft, a couple lived full time on a 37 foot Gibson Sport. Being the boat was so small, a lot of their living spilled out onto their decks and the dock. Just really made it look crappy. That said, my marina owner lives full time on their Gibson 50 through the season and you would never know it from looking at their boat. It really depends on the people. I imagine if some of the people had an actual house, it is probably in the same state as their boat. Some people take care of their things and others just don't care.

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